Friday, August 24, 2018

How small businesses can contribute to global goals

You’ve heard the phrase, “Think global, act local.” Small businesses can think big by adopting a couple of the U.N. Sustainable Development Goals. Here is one example.

United Kingdom startup Globechain keeps its focus tight—targeting three of the 17 SDGs—in order to maximize impact. Founded in 2013, Globechain is a digital platform that helps large corporates, SMEs and nonprofits share reused items. Rather than send unwanted building materials, stock and other goods to landfills, larger firms can share them with charities, smaller businesses and other members of the Globechain network. 
The platform helped nonprofits and small businesses save more than $500,000 in 2016 while diverting 700 tons of material from landfills. Connections made through the platform also furnished two hospitals and sent medical equipment to developing markets like Kenya, Ghana and Sierra Leone.  
Globechain founder May Al-Karooni showcased the company’s SDG plan at the 2017 World Circular Economy Forum in Helsinki, Finland. The company hopes to further goals like building sustainable communities (SDG 11), ensuring responsible consumption and production (SDG 12), and acting on climate (SDG 13) by expanding its network that turns waste into resource, she explained. 
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