Tuesday, July 31, 2018

Noah, the first circular economy car

Noah is an experimental electric car made from recyclable materials. The chassis is made from flax and a sugar biopolymer. Sweet! It can go about 150miles on a charge and it incredibly efficient.
"The complete drivetrain has been optimized and with a gearbox called "Smesh Gear" which will reach an efficiency of 97% (!) during acceleration and even a 100% efficiency at constant speeds, this makes the entire drivetrain of Noah incredibly energy efficient. The electromotors are powered by six modular batteries that enable easy battery swapping and the possibility to gradually introduce better battery technology when available. For Noah to be future ready he is equipped with NFC scanners in the doors which make him perfect for carsharing. With this NFC scanner, the door can be opened by any mobile device, Noah will immediately recognize the user and set the car to his or her personal preferences."


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