Wednesday, April 4, 2018

Dubuque integrates equity into their sustainability program

When you think of leaders in sustainability in the US, we often think of the coasts, not the heartland. But Dubuque, Iowa earned a 4-star in the STAR sustainable communities certification. They've done better than most addressing some social inequities in their community, in particular, "seven specific equity issues: economic well-being, housing, education, health, safe neighborhoods, transportation, and arts/culture."

While city staffers were gathering data for STAR certification, a community effort called Inclusive Dubuque was also getting off the ground. This initiative brought together over 50 partners from businesses, nonprofits, schools, and government organizations to discuss equity issues and identify metrics to better understand the state of equity in Dubuque. The partnership’s work sessions provided an opportunity for the city to share the data and results from their STAR certification with residents and community partners.

You can review a case study here.

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