Saturday, February 17, 2018

Tesla building virtual power plant in Australia

In the old, dirty 20th century, power plants were set far away from population centers since they were dangerous and polluting. The process involved digging up mountains to get coal (or drilled for gas), burning it, wasting lots and lots of heat. Then they ran the electricity a long distance into towns, losing up to 10% more of the electricity along the way. And with 9-11 in mind, they sat there with a big terrorist target on their back.

Nature knows better, preferring distributed systems that are loosely coupled, so if a bad thing happens over there, it stays there.

Tesla is helping Australia move into the 21st century with a distributed power system.

The state of South Australia has announced plans to equip at least 50,000 homes with solar panels and Tesla (TSLA) battery storage units, connecting them all to the electricity grid to form the world's largest "virtual power plant."

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