Friday, February 9, 2018

Just say straws

I’m not sure when it became popular to put straws in glasses of water and everything else for grown-ups. Woe to the waitstaff who brings me water with a straw. On those occasions when I forget to blurt out “No straw” with my beverage order, the waiter is likely to get a lecture: Why are you putting plastic garbage in my drink? Do you know where these end up? How much money do you think your company spends each month on straws? Can’t you make them available only on request?

Fed up, California is considering a plastic straw ban. But if enough of us complain, we might be able to change restaurant behavior. Instead of restaurants buying cases of plastic straws to use in every water glass, they could instead buy a box of stainless steel straws to offer to any customer who asks for one.

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  1. Sedona is starting a Straw Free campaign.

    For a nuanced view of how to go straw-free and its likely benefits, see
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