Monday, February 26, 2018

How does Arizona score on solar?

According to this Electrek article, Arizona rates 22nd in solar, a C. The new proposed modernization plan is getting good marks for moving the goalpost:

Currently, Arizona has a 15% renewable energy mandate by 2025, a goal which has already been met. This new proposal will see that increase to 80% by 2050, “with the ultimate goal of being 100%.” Nuclear power is included in the clean energy target.

And they're proposing the second largest storage capacity at 3 gigawatts.  (How much is a gigawatt?)

If approved, the plan would make Arizona “the first state to attempt to modernize its renewable portfolio standard to reflect the recent advances in energy technologies,” Lon Huber, a consultant who worked to craft the original RUCO proposal, said. “What this plan is saying is we aren’t going to build our future on natural gas — the backbone of the system over the next 40 to 60 years will not be gas.”

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