Tuesday, February 27, 2018

Encircling Black communities with highways chokes people to death

Social Justice is an important part of sustainability. African Americans are much more likely to die from asthma, for a number of reasons, but our transportation infrastructure is one of them.

Take a look a the images in this article, of a community in Orlando completely surrounded by freeways. I learned in this article that the EPA air quality measures, while helpful, don’t assess the smallest particles from internal combustion engines which are the most harmful to lungs.

But imagine all the vehicles on these highways are electric, producing no emissions, making only tire noise. It can’t happen fast enough for this neighborhood.

Even Breathing Is A Risk In One Of Orlando's Poorest Neighborhoods - HuffPost https://apple.news/AepJIbNq7QOmLgXbHslcCPQ

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