Tuesday, January 23, 2018

US’s first all-solar community

Babcock Ranch, near Fort Meyers, Florida, is a new community designed to run entirely on solar, including the autonomous public transit. The developer also returned a lot of the land to the state for a nature preserve.

Welcome to America's first solar-powered town - ABC News https://apple.news/AmZ4XU_R2TkGJKrYPvfPMdQ

I’m not sure why they took up acres of land for the solar panel farm when they could have built net zero homes, using the acreage on the roofs. It might have cost more for all those inverters but each homeowner would be responsible for managing their energy use. I wonder if they have thought about how to manage this shared energy system. To avoid the Tragedy of the Commons, you need social systems and mores to manage the resource.

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