Thursday, January 25, 2018

Davos: over 30 major companies committing to Circular Economy

As we’ve explained in earlier posts, the Circular Economy is a concept, and increasingly a practice, of redesigning manufacturing so everything comes back to become something else, or is composted, going safely back to nature.

At Davos, at least 30 companies committed to being early adopters for Factor10 (World Business Council for Sustainable Development’s Circular Economy Initiative). Notice anything about the companies?

Accenture, Arcadis, ArcelorMittal, BASF, BCG, BMW Group, CRH, Dow, DSM, Enel, ExxonMobil, EY, Honda, IFF, KPMG, Michelin, Navigant, Novartis, Philips, PWC, Rabobank, Renault, SABIC, Saint-Gobain, Solvay, Stora Enso, Veolia, Yara, Yokogawa
The majority are non-US. Exxon is an interesting outlier, because of their plastics business.

Factor10 never seems to be defined on the WBCSD website. It likely refers to the idea of increasing efficiencies by a factor of 10:
Factor 10 states that over the next 30 to 50 years (one generation) a decrease in energy use and material flows by a factor of 10 and an increase in resource productivity/efficiency by a factor of 10 is required to achieve dematerialisation. That is, to attain sustainability and environmental protection we need to reduce resource turn over by 90% on a global scale, within the next 50 years. (Source: Global Development Research Center)

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