Wednesday, December 20, 2017

Two new members of the Alliance

The Sustainability Alliance was designed to represent all the major systems of society (like Food/hunger, Water, Waste recovery, Energy/climate, Nature) by involving non-profits who work in those systems. But in order to keep our meetings to a reasonable size so we can get things done, we have formed two types of relationships:
  • Non-profit members that represent a main system in society that we depend upon who are core to our work
  • Affiliate members who are interested in a piece of one of those systems or who are supportive and want to be involved or stay connected to some degree and participate as appropriate (eg, the Yavapai Food Council, Sedona Chamber, City of Sedona).
We now have a new one of each!

New System Representative: Oak Creek Watershed Council has joined the Alliance, representing Water. They are linked in to a number of critical county, state and federal programs like the Coconino National Forest and Arizona DEQ. Sharon Masek Lopez, a hydrologist, will be their representative to our meetings.

New Affiliate: Healthy World Sedona focuses on a plant-based diet and as such represents a subset of Food but their work affects many other systems like climate, energy, waste and nature. They offer an annual VegFest and in 2018 are offering a conference for healthcare professionals. Jon Thompson (JT), who is also sits on the Sedona City Council, will be our liaison to their organization.

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