Friday, December 15, 2017

Reducing food waste saves money

London encouraged their residents to reduce food waste. The process was simple; all they did was to educate people about the issue and how to reduce waste through actions like proper food storage. What was the result?

For every $1.34 the boroughs spent on the initiative, they saved $10.71 in avoided waste management costs, and households saved $112.43 on food they otherwise would have purchased and eventually thrown away. 
The municipality presumably saved money through their franchise hauling costs and management of the municipal landfill. In locations that don’t have franchise hauling (where the municipality negotiates a hauler contract for a geographic area; households don’t choose their hauler) or where the landfill is privately held, this savings would only go to customers if they have the option of having smaller bins or fewer pick-ups.

Dear global mayors: Solving food waste is money in the bank -

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