Friday, November 17, 2017

Here’s a way coal country could participate in renewables

Of course the flattened mountains left by “mountain top removal” could sport solar panels. But Germany is looking into using the mines as a water-battery. Usually these “pumped storage hydropower” systems involve pumping water up to a lake during periods of excess power (eg, wind at night) and then flowing the water downhill through turbines when we need a bit more. But that requires pretty good hills and land for reservoirs.

But what about the mines? They are verticle storage too.
The upper reservoir was set to be built on existing infrastructure, while the lower reservoir would be located more than 500 meters deep in the rock.
I just hope the engineers create a closed system because any water that goes down in the mine will come back seriously polluted if it touches rock.

Here's why coal mines could be crucial cogs in the transition to renewables - CNBC

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