Sunday, November 26, 2017

Creative housing solutions

Perhaps you’ve noticed we don’t live like the old TV show, Leave It to Beaver, anymore. Our society has changed but not so much our housing. Baby Boomers are living longer but their kids can’t afford a home. Workforce housing, especially for those on the low end of the salary scale, if it exists at all is miles away from work, necessitating cars or long bus commutes. The trend toward bigger spaces is now being challenged by interest in tiny homes. And then we have communities destroyed by climate-fueled weather disasters.

This short video series shows some creative responses including multi-generational housing in Los Angeles and half-houses in Chile where poor people can over time build the other half and increase their wealth. This link will take you to the first video. At the bottom are links to the others in the series.

One roof, three homes: America catches on to multigenerational living – video | Cities | The Guardian -

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