Wednesday, October 25, 2017

What smart cities are doing to prepare for inevitable climate change

Yes, we need to reverse climate change but a certain amount of disruption is already baked into the atmosphere. Rather than just stand around waiting for disaster, smart cities are making changes to address impacts they are likely to face. This article has a nice chart of likely impacts to worry about and some wonderful examples of what can be done now to prepare. One example:

The Clichy-Batignolles urban project in the Paris area built a “climate-proof” urban area that is both attractive for residents during the summer time and able to absorb precipitation during heavy rain periods. A 10-hectares park – open 24 hours a day with pools, drinking fountains, water jets, along with cooling buildings that reflect sunlight and have green roofs, etc. – has reduced energy demand and stormwater treatment. The volume of stormwater treatment declined by 50 percent.
 Calamitous Climate: A Tale of Two Countries Illuminates the Necessity of Preparation - Triple Pundit

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