Tuesday, October 10, 2017

Swedish have a terrible term for de-cluttering your life

Leave it to the Swedish. My favorite Swedish word is one for which the English have no equivalent: Lagom. It means just the right amount. In English, 'enough' has a demanding or self-sacrificing tone to it. Not lagom. It's perfect, not too much, not too little (salt, fresh air, furniture, stuff.) Just right. Ahh.

Now they have a term for de-cluttering your life, especially as you age: death cleaning. I think something got lost in translation, but it's a good idea. Don't leave your family a pile of stuff to clean out after you die. Slowly, start getting rid of the stuff now. Let others enjoy whatever you don't use or cherish.

Once you do it, you'll realize what a burden stuff is. My husband and I learned that the hard way when our house was slowly destroyed by a mudslide. We lived in a trailer for 7 months as we rebuilt a three bedroom home for the two of us, just because we had three bedroom sets, one from my mom, one from my grandmother. How do you give that up? Now we had to pay for the bigger house, paint it, heat it, maintain it. I realized after living in the trailer that all I needed in addition was room for an office and a washer/dryer. We could have lived in the garage of our rebuilt house. We rebuilt a house for our stuff, not for us. What were we thinking?


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