Tuesday, October 10, 2017

Good or bad idea: Proctor and Gamble bottle from ocean trash

Sustainability is about seeing the whole system and thinking long term, inventing the future and working backward from that positive future, not muddling forward from an unsustainable system.

Proctor and Gamble has recently proudly announced a new dish soap bottle made from ocean plastic. This is not exactly what the circular economy is about: taking plastic trash from the ocean, turning it into dish soap bottles, which may find their way back into the ocean. Short term, it at least helps clean the ocean but long term it's not a solution, not unless every bottle is recycled. We either need to put a deposit on all bottles worldwide (making them valuable, creating an incentive to recycle every single one) or we need plastics that biodegrade in open air, sunlight or rain when tossed "away."



  1. The UK is considering plastic bottle deposits, in part because it can save money for the municipalities. "In Germany and Denmark, which have DRS schemes, more than 90% of bottles are returned. In England, just 57% of plastic bottles are recycled, mostly through streetside collection schemes."


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