Monday, October 9, 2017

Climate solutions, in priority order

Climate change obviously is a huge issue and we are running out of time to keep it under control. Up to now, we have had lots of potential solutions, but we didn't know which could make the biggest difference worldwide. Drawdown, a book and website edited by Paul Hawken, represents several years of work to answer the question: which strategies have the greatest potential to reduce greenhouse gases by 2050 and what would they cost and save?

Here's a link to the website page that lists the strategies in priority order. The answers are likely to surprise you. Number 1 is refrigerant management because commonly used refrigerant molecules have a gigantic greenhouse gas effect as compared to carbon dioxide.

Take a look at their list and let us know what you and your city/town are doing.

Here is their top 10 from their list of 80 solutions. In the Verde Valley of Arizona, we can directly work on refrigerants, food waste and diet, and solar (farms and roof top). Some places may have enough wind. But you can also affect the others through your purchasing decisions (don't buy exotic tropical hardwoods) and charitable donations.
Refrigerant ManagementMaterials89.74N/A$-902.77
2Wind Turbines (Onshore)Electricity Generation84.60$1,225.37$7,425.00
3Reduced Food WasteFood70.53N/AN/A
4Plant-Rich DietFood66.11N/AN/A
5Tropical ForestsLand Use61.23N/AN/A
6Educating GirlsWomen and Girls59.60N/AN/A
7Family PlanningWomen and Girls59.60N/AN/A
8Solar FarmsElectricity Generation36.90$-80.60$5,023.84
10Rooftop Solar

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