Tuesday, August 15, 2017

Climate denial is really fear of consequences

Humans are not completely rational. Our brains filter out information, sometimes consciously but often unconsciously. If the information doesn't fit our worldview, it often doesn't get in.

In the case of climate change, deniers may be unconsciously affected by their fear of consequences. Many conservatives fear that climate change will require global oversight or threaten their business/political interests.

This article reveals how people in Louisiana, while they see land the size of Delaware disappear to the ocean, resist admitting climate change because it threatens their livelihood. Oil and gas is perceived to have a huge impact on their economy. Their way of life is threatened. Who wants to be the first to speak out and be at odds with your friends? It's easier for the brain to say, LA LA LA LA, not listening.

But the implications for those of us hoping to change their minds is profound. Talking more loudly about scientific consensus is ineffective. We have to show them a positive path forward out of their personal box of denial. We must figure out what the walls of their box represent and open a door to a better life that they want more than what they have now.

Climate deniers in the Deep South aren't ignorant – they reject the truth to save themselves - International Business Times, UK Edition

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