Wednesday, June 21, 2017

The unintended consequences of the American Dream

The American Dream of creating a better life for your kids, of progress for those who strive, may be peversely undermining the ability of the poor, especially poor Whites, to get ahead. This has led to vastly different rates of despair between rich and poor, Whites and minorities.

"There are high costs to being poor in America, where winners win big but losers fall hard. Indeed, the dream, with its focus on individual initiative in a meritocracy, has resulted in far less public support than there is in other countries for safety nets, vocational training, and community support for those with disadvantage or bad luck."

Sustainability requires social justice. If communities or groups become increasingly marginalized, it destabilizes society. According to recent research, the US may be in worse shape than many other countries in the OECD and to our south.

Is the American dream really dead? - the guardian

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