Friday, June 23, 2017

One way to solve traffic: Oslo is taking away parking spaces

Transportation is a major source of carbon emissions, at least with our existing fleet. Europeans like the atmosphere created by pedestrian streets. So to meet its climate commitments, Oslo is experimenting with ways to reduce traffic to its core. Rather than banning cars outright, they are converting on-street parking to bike lanes and public spaces. Of course businesses often express concern, but experiences in other cities show that they vastly over-estimate lost business from drivers and get more loyal biking/walking customers who tend to hang out longer.

In stage one this year, all on-street parking in the central district will be removed, and the planned installations will go up; in 2018, the stage-two year, several streets will be closed to vehicle traffic and 40 miles of bike lanes will be built. During stage three in 2019, the city council will assess its progress, Berg told The Guardian: If the parking ban proves sufficient to set Oslo up to substantially slash carbon emissions, the city will extend the strategy; if it feels inadequate, the city council with resuscitate its initial plan to instigate an all-out car ban.

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