Thursday, May 18, 2017

What local kids said about Jean's classes

Image from Sedona Charter School Website
Jean Turocy with Sedona Recycles has been an important member of the Alliance. Many don't realize that she teaches in schools (for free). For a couple years, she's been teaching a popular weekly class for the Sedona Charter School (elementary charter school). Here's what some of her students said recently about what they had learned. Makes you have hope for the future...

"Thank you for teaching me that our trash never goes away and pollutes our environment. My parents are lazy and don't want to recycle but I pick everything out of the trash and make sure we recycle it." 
"I learned coconut water cartons aren't recyclable and told my mom to stop putting them into the recycling bin. Sometimes we get it in cans or we at least take the plastic caps off and recycle those."

"I learned we affect the earth. I get an hour computer time a day and now I use some of it to read about the problems and find out what else I can be doing to help."

"We used to buy bottled water and don't any more because of how bad plastic is. If we get a juice or something now we get it in a can because those are better to recycle."

"I found out that the 3 R's are more than just recycling so now we buy food that's not packaged as much and I tell my mom to make sure and get organic fruit and stuff."

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