Monday, May 29, 2017

How to get people to care about the planet

Here's an academic paper on what does and doesn't work regarding getting people to internalize climate change and care about the planet. One of the authors is Christie Manning, daughter of a local resident and professor of environmental psychology. It includes links to videos so this could be a helpful resource for educators.

Main take-away:

...developing an ecologically-consistent worldview may benefit from reconnecting with nature so that humans actually experience and develop a dynamic understanding of the world’s systems and human-environment interdependence.

Although worldwide trends toward accelerating urbanization have generally meant fewer opportunities to encounter and build a connection to nature, urban dwellers need access to nature in order to rediscover their interdependence with it and deepen their sense of place. This, in turn, fosters understanding of the natural environment (51) and inspires efforts to protect and preserve landscapes and their inhabitants (4).

Valuable nature experiences do not require trips to “wild” nature such as old growth forests, but can be found in urban areas as well (53). Fortunately, new trends in urban design may help heal the human-nature divide.

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