Wednesday, May 17, 2017

Electric buses 18% cheaper to own/operate

When you think of electric vehicles, usually think of Teslas and cute little neighborhood run-abouts. But electric buses are coming online fast, in part because over the lifetime of the vehicle they're cheaper to own and operate. They could also be an interesting storage option for excess electricity generated at night by wind power.

“Electric buses are already more cost effective to buy and operate today. There’s huge fuel savings and maintenance savings.” (Vehicles powered by internal combustion engines need regular oil changes, as well as routine service for transmission fluids, spark plugs and wires, exhaust systems, engine belts. Electric cars require none of that.) The total cost of ownership over the life cycle of the bus—including purchase, fuel, and maintenance—is 18 percent lower for electric buses than it is for diesel or compressed natural gas, according to stats Proterra has gathered from its customers.

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