Thursday, April 6, 2017

How to talk to people who think differently than you about climate change

The Association of Climate Change Officers has recently released research conducted by Yale and George Mason University on the 6 America's regarding climate change. The most recent article talks about how to approach people on the topic. It's important to understand where they are coming from and link your conversation to examples that will resonate. Their advice includes 'mind your demeanor' and 'never get in an argument.'

As a way of thinking, I would add the stakeholder engagement framework (not sure of its source) where you identify where someone is on this scale and where you really need them to be:

  • Stop it
  • Resist it
  • Allow it
  • Help it
  • Make it happen.

We may not need everyone on the planet to believe in the science. And creating an enemy is worse than respectfully 'agreeing to disagree' because it hardens people's positions and damages the relationship.

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