Saturday, February 11, 2017

UPS increases solar 500%

George Monbiot wrote Heat, a book that explained how we could reduce our carbon footprint by 80-90% with existing technologies while maintaining our quality of life. In the chapter on retail, one of the main solutions was to buy online. It's much more efficient for UPS to deliver hundreds of packages on their route than to have each of us drive to the store. And warehouses have a much lighter footprint than retail stores with fancy lighting, shelving we can reach, and wide aisles.

I caution, this doesn't mean you can feel guilt-free for mindless consumption at the click of a button on Amazon. But it does mean there is a path for us to get what we need without steaming the planet.

UPS is one of the transportation companies working hard on reducing their environmental footprint. Years ago they gained attention by eliminating left turns. That saved them money and gas while reducing accidents. They have also been delivering packages in cities on electric vehicles and even tricycles.

Now they are going to increase solar on their facilities by 500%. Read more:

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