Friday, November 14, 2014

John Purkis from The Natural Step Canada consults with local leaders

John Purkis, center with Norris Peterson on his right
and Richard Sidy in foreground
On November 13 following the KSB speakers series, John Purkis stayed around to meet with invited local leaders, including one of our new Council members and the Mayor elect. We talked a lot about how to support and enhance the Sedona Community Plan.

1. Take on some of the community plan items that require planning or research
2. Use the Lab approach on issues that cross over geographical political boundaries
3. Create a larger strategy that embraces but goes beyond the community plan based on an understanding of The Natural Step Principles
4. Find an issue in the plan that the City isn't taking on and work that
5. Bring together business and non profits to develop our implementation plans based on the community plan.
6. Get involved in the City's citizen engagement process

7. Develop the system of indicators, metrics, targets and goals (with or without SEDI)

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